Path To Wellness

Initial Intensive Care

The first objective in the first phase of care is to decrease pain and increase function.

That means that we will focus on minimising or eliminating the symptoms related to the site of pain that are causing you difficulty in your daily life.

This is followed by a retest of your initial baseline tests where we will be able to chart your progress and understand what needs to be done further.

Corrective Care

When you’re feeling better and functioning better we move to the second phase - Corrective Care.

This is less about fixing symptoms and more about restoring curvature of the spine and strengthening and stretching both muscles and ligaments. We want to make lasting positive changes in the spine.

Following the end of this phase we will again re-test to see how you have improved. 

Wellness Care

Finally, maintaining your results is the most important thing. With the purpose of building the small habits of health, like getting adjusted alongside optimal nutrition and exercise to help you maximise your health potential.

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