Your New Patient Process

The Initial Consultation

The first two appointments with your Chiropractor are the most important. The first appointment is the initial consultation.

We start by performing key baseline evaluations that include but aren’t limited to:

✅ Nerve scans,

✅ Postural analysis,

✅ X-rays (if needed),

✅ Heart rate variability and bilateral weight scales.

We do this to understand what is causing the problem and what we need to do to correct it.

The Report Of Findings

The second appointment is the Report Of Findings.

In this appointment we invite you back to the clinic to:

✅ Analyse the results of the initial baseline tests,

✅ Help you to understand what is going on with your spine

✅ Create a custom plan to enable you to get out of pain and back to feeling good and functioning well.

We will present you options of care that are best suited to you.

Your $89 New Patient Offer

The cumulative cost of the baseline tests can sometimes get up to $220, but we're making these comprehensive tests accessible to you for only $89. This provides opportunity for you to understand the root cause of your pain & discomfort. Get started with your first two appointments today by clicking the link below to book your first appointment.